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We offer several different functionalities. We have however only one price.

Free trial

30 days

free trial

30 days free trial

training or educational : infinite free (*)


Full support


All features


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Long term license

100-150 €

100-150 $

Long term license: 12 months

price per month per PC


Full support


All features


Free updates


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Short term license

200 €

200 $

Short term license: less than 12 months

price per month per PC


Full support


All features


Free updates


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30 days free trial


(*) For training or educational purposes we deliver an infinite free license. This is subjected to evaluation and must be verifiable, e.g. via your training website.

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Prices indicated are per month and per PC/Server.

When you choose for a license term between of 12 months or more, it gets interesting:

The more you order, the cheaper it gets:

 Amount of licensed PCs/servers   Price/Month (€)   Price/Month ($) 
 1  150 €/PC  150 $/PC
 2  140 €/PC  140 $/PC
 3  130 €/PC  130 $/PC
 4  120 €/PC  120 $/PC
 5  110 €/PC  110 $/PC
 6+  100 €/PC  100 $/PC
 10+  On demand   On demand

Indicated prices are per PC/Server.

One PC/server costs you 150 € or 150 $.

For 2 PC/server licenses, the price drops for each server to 140 € or 140 $.

For large customers the price even drops to as little as 100 €/PC or 100 $/PC

Interesting fact: for the price of a VoIP consultant for about 2 hours, you can gain on the benefits of the tool (incl. support) for a complete month.

Prices exclusive VAT.

VAT: BE.0743.780.261


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

Is there any obligation when I choose for the 30 days free trial?

No, the 30 days free trial does not include any obligation at all. We want that you can see the power of the VoIP Analyzer Tool, and that you can experience the time you can gain by using our tool. We only want you to order a license in case you are convinced about the advantages of the tool.

Why a license shorter than 12 months?

A license shorter than 12 months can be interesting if you want to do a (yearly?) audit, and just audit your VoIP infrastructure for a limited time. However we are convinced that once you see the time you can gain with the tool, you would like to use the tool during the whole year. Be aware the license is cheaper in case you order for at least 12 months.

Why a license between 12 and 24 months?

We offer you a reduced price in case you order a license for at least 12 months. You can choose dependent of your personal interest for any timeframe between 12 and 24 months. Maybe you prefer to align with your fiscal year?

Why order for a longer period than 12 months?

The only advantage you have, is that the price is well known and fixed. At the time new functionality is added to the tool, the price can increase in the future. By selecting a period longer than 12 months, you can use the tool at the current price. The decision is yours.

What payment services do you support?

Bank transfer.

Can I get refund?

Unfortunately, not at this time! Please try our free offer for a while to guarantee the offered tool is what you want.

Is any personal demo possible?

Sure. We can offer you a free remote demo. The timing of the free demo does not matter. It can be before you use the tool, during the 30 days free period, or even a small ad-hoc training session when you already are using the paid version. During the demo you can ask of course some questions. Just look at our page "Request a Free Demo".

Other questions?

We're always available for any question. Please have a look at our "contact us" page to see how you can reach us.